Summertime means juicy watermelons and Michelle C.’s created yummy watermelon nails to match! 


Summertime means juicy watermelons and Michelle C.’s created yummy watermelon nails to match! 

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Lady Time

There’s a reason women don’t fart.

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Disney Dicks Exposed

He’s got a point. Lots of them.

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if you turn the new Twitter logo upside-down, it’s Batman

My Goal This Summer:

I am home this summer for 3 whole months. Oh god. Well my goal for this summer, apart from not dying of boredom or getting into huge fights with my parents, is to lose 6 kg. Since being at university I have gained about 7 kg and I just feel that I don’t look as good as I can and it makes me feel really self-conscious. In fact last week when I was out clubbing my best guy friend came up to me absolutely hammered and slurring his words saying that I was a pretty girl but I would be way more fit if I just lost 5 kg. Nice words coming from your best friend right? Well anyways to date this is my second week and I’ve lost 0.4kg. I know it’s not much but it’s a start right? I might go to my fitness DVD right now… 


I can’t stand girls who make you feel like shit just because you don’t want to do something they want to do. If it was the other way around would they do it for you?



I have these two friends which I have been friends with for about an average of 7 years? Well they despise each other, the only bond between them is me. If we go out clubbing together then I have to gently coax them into the idea by promising that I will spend loads of time with each of them and they won’t have to deal with each other. (These two friends will here by be known as Rich Bitch and Hotel Girl).

So on Wednesday night I didn’t go out clubbing because I couldn’t be bothered and I didn’t have the funds. Well Rich Bitch got pissy with me saying that I had to go out because she would be lonely. Then I profusely apologised and said I would come out with her on Friday. Even though sometimes I don’t know why I am nice to her because she made one of my best friends hate me. But I’m trying this new thing called being nice to everyone. Kind of like the end of the movie Mean Girls. 

So then I hear Hotel Girl is coming on for the weekend and I was super excited and tried to plan that we all go clubbing on Friday. However when I told Rich Bitch that Hotel Girl was coming she immediately said “ewww” and “if she pays then i guess she is welcome”. And here I am about to explode you GUESS she’s welcome? You may be rich but you don’t own the fucking club…

So on one side of me I have Rich Bitch bitching about Hotel Girl. Then when I tell Hotel Girl how much it is I have her start kicking up a fuss on the other side of me! Saying how that is so expensive and why should she pay it blah blah blah!

I hate being the messenger! I wish people would just sort out there own problems with people instead of using me as a go-between to make peace. So I finally sort everything out and everyone seems pretty happy apart from the fact that Rich Bitch and Hotel Girl have to see each other on Friday.


But you know what really makes my blood boil? Well it turns out that Rich Bitch is taking a spontaneous trip this weekend and isn’t going to be going out clubbing tonight and she didn’t even let me know? I had to find out from the joys of Facebook. So I didn’t need to go through all the stress of people being mad at me! FUCKING BITCHES. 

I hate it when people think I’m being a bitch, when I’m being blunt



Well just logged on to this and read my blog, and realised what a FAIL I was at keeping this…

So now I am 20 years old, and am no longer employed, but back at full University life, and loving it! I like my friends there and the coursework is interesting…most of the time! I recently newly single AGAIN! Last boyfriend turned out to have major issues!! He was too aggressive and we always had to have a shower before we had sex…


This is my last week of the holidays, and I have to say I did not enjoy them that much, but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that. One of my best friends was working in a different country during the whole holidays and another one of my best friends is super angry with me so that made events SUPER AWKS!

I’m back to University life on Saturday and I am very excited!!